About Rushmore Press Media LLC

RUSHMORE PRESS MEDIA LLC is an advertising firm that specializes in Business Media. For 18 long years, we have provided services that cater expansive reach to your target audience. From traditional mediums like TV, Radio, Print and out-of-home to the cutting-edge of the digital platforms of today – Rushmore Press Media LLC knows best the industry like no other. 

Our team comprises people that have spent years to decades working behind-the-scenes inside the media business, and has the firsthand knowledge experience assuring to provide you with a unique understanding of how to create and distribute your piece to millions of readers. As a hybrid book publishing and literary agency – Rushmore Press – in entirety, we represent authors in the book publishing industry carrying our experience and expertise as catalysts in adding value to each project that we manage.

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Rushmore Press Other Services

For more than a decade, we’ve worked alongside organizations of all sizes to connect with new audiences. The mission is to be the worldwide leading book distribution and literary agency that provides solutions to all the challenges that self published authors have. i.e high book pricing, low royalty share, poor quality of book cover and below the industry standard editing. Our goal is to get your book to your target readers and engage more with your readers. Aside from Publishing your book creation,  Rushmore Press also offers the following:


  • Create and print professional quality hardcover and paperback books for your friends & family, your business, fans of your book, prospective readers & reviewers, and yourself.

  • Fast and Easy Publishing Process, plus intensive Consultation 

  • Self-Publishing Guidelines 

  • Massive Media Exposure that will ensure you reach millions of audiences
  • Book Film Trailer 

  • Author Spotlight and promotional opportunities 

  • Marketing and Advertising etc.

Your Gateway to your Audience

Let your books be in the hands of millions of readers. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time author, or you simply want to print a beautiful book for personal use, Rushmore Press Media LLC will absolutely set massive exposure for your creation.

PR Distribution
(Author Spotlight)

Slide 10% Press Release Outlets 15% Yahoo and Google News
Ad networks
30% Media Events
5% Personal Sites 40% News

Types of Books Published

  • 25% Motivational
  • 20% Families and Relationships
  • 20% Self-Help / Personal
  • 15% Humor
  • 10% Romance
  • 5% Fantasy / Sci-Fi

At Rushmore Press, we perfectly understand what our authors need: A GOOD PUBLICATION. In our hybrid book publishing method, we provide competitive book pricing, good quality book cover, high industry standard editing, and fair royalty share that should merit our talented writers.


Our goal is to establish a stable and long-lasting market not only for your books, but also for you as our writer. Our pool of experts and professionals will serve as representatives of your stories so you do not have to worry about juggling your time to release your creative juices and looking for your readers.

Submission Process

January 2016
Our literary advisor will qualify your book based on our company's target genre and market.

We will take your composition for its possible market. Our literary advisor will evaluate and qualify it following our company’s target genre and readers. Once the review is done, we will proceed to the book review process.

April Book Review
Will forward your book for approval that meets our literary agent's expectations.

We will send your book to our affiliate reviewers to ensure that it levels our literary standards. This allows your book to have a higher chance of getting represented based on how it fits our literary agent’s expectations.

June Endorsement
Will finalize the unique book selling program for your book.

After your book has been fully evaluated for its literary qualifications, it will be endorsed to our team of experts for marketing. Our professionals will design a unique program for your book to ensure that it gets a huge readership.

August Proposal
Finalize contract and discuss the details before proceeding with the partnership.

We will write up a contract and talk through the details. This is to ensure that we have a mutual understanding before getting to the final decision of proceeding with the partnership.

October Endorsement
Sending out copies of press releases to different media outlets.

We send out copies of press releases to different media outlets, specifically print publications to have a solid base of subscribers, which you can tap into. Gain media exposure across a wide array of trusted media outlets to establish your author brand. Our worldwide distribution allows a more targeted approach in specific audience for a precise earned media opportunities

Featured Authors

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Featured Books and Authors of Rushmore Press

“Madam Vice President”

was written in response to a deep concern arising out of the twenty fifth amendment and the office of acting president. Although Mann has written a number of articles for scholarly publications, he chose a different medium to express this concern and to reach a more diverse audience. He dedicates Madam Vice President to the liberties preserved in our constitution. It is also his hope that his readers will be entertained while learning a valuable constitutional lesson.

“The Murders of Christopher Watts”

On August 13, 2018, Shanann, Celle, and CeCe Watts were brutally murdered. When the husband and father, Christopher Watts was initially questioned by police, he said he didn’t know where his wife and his daughters were. Eventually, he fessed up to the murders on Aug. 15, 2018. Watts pleaded guilty to all the murders and is currently serving five lifetime prison sentences without any possibility of parole.

Cherlyn Cadle corresponded with Watts in prison, to which he revealed the methods of how he murdered his family. She compiled the letters and published them all in her book, The Murders of Christopher Watts. Although her first book was explosive, this second one contains more details about the murders and also contains actual letters Christopher himself sent to Cadle.

Sleepless Nights


Written during the sleepless nights she endured following the death of her husband. He was a medical doctor who was much loved by his family and his patients. She could not imagine living without her husband, and for a time she thought that she too would die from the pain of his loss.


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